Grooming and care: Make sure you pick a privatepuppy groomingplace for your puppy, and to choose a place that is not too drafty or humid. Some puppies are bred in heated places and changing their temperature so suddenly can cause the puppy to get sick. Train your puppy at a young age to get used to getting brushed and groomed every day by using a brush that is appropriate for his type of coat. There are many different types of brushes and combs that were designed specifically for every hair type. Grooming keep the puppy's coat free from dust and it helps it to be shinier because it stimulates better circulation of the blood vessels, causing the roots of the hair to become stronger. Sometimes when puppies do their needs, their anus area gets dirty and when this happens it is necessary to clean it very carefully with warm water, and then dry it. Not taking care of this can cause the puppy to get infections in his anus area. If at any moment you notice your puppy constantly licks a part of his body, you need to carefully examine it to find why he is licking at it and the cause. Sometimes puppies do this when they have external parasites, and in other cases it could be dermatitis, all of which need veterinarian treatment. Another reason you should take care of extreme licking is because many times the hair they swallow causes them to get an intestinal obstruction.


Puppy Grooming and Trust: One very important thing you need to teach your puppy is to trust in you, his owner, completely. One way you can do this is having him eat in your presence and by sitting next to him at meal times. Put your hand inside his food bowl, and offer him food in from your hand, or take it from his mouth and then give it back to him. If the puppy growls at you for doing this do not show any fear; this is important because otherwise the puppy will feel he has dominated you and the idea is for this to happen the other way around. If you live with a lot of people, make sure everyone knows the rules concerning the puppy and that there be one specific person in charge of being the owner of the puppy. The owner of the puppy will need to feed him, bathe him, brush him and take him out on walks. Play with the puppy as much as possible so that he gets all the exercise he needs. Lots of puppies enjoy playing hunting games and biting at their "prey" to practice their natural predator instincts. This type of play is healthy for them because it helps them become more agile and it keeps them lively and stimulated.


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