When all is well, your puppy's eyes will be clear and bright, free from discharge and inflammation. But his eyes are vulnerable and he can easily get something in his eye that will cause him to weep or have reddened eyes. Minor colds will also affect the eyes, as will the more serious diseases.


If the dog has something in his eye, you can remove it by rolling the corner of a clean handkerchief, and after lifting up the eyelid, flicking out the object. You'll need to have someone restrain the dog while you do this. When you have the object out, bathe the eye with a boric-acid solution. Do not apply boric-acid powder to the eye or surrounding areas. Boric-acid powder contains boron, which is an internal poison. Puppies and older dogs can become seriously ill or possibly fatally poisoned if they ingest boric acid. Boric acid has been used to help alleviate the tear stains common on white-haired breeds, such as the Maltese, Sealyham and Dandie Dinmont. However, cases of death following the ingestion of boric-acid powder have been reported. In solution, boric acid is relatively safe.


After bathing the eyes, you can apply an eye ointment such as mercuric oxide or butyne sulfate. These usually come in small tubes. Squeeze a small amount of the ointment into the corner of the eye, pull down the lid and then let the dog blink. When he blinks, he will distribute the ointment around the eye.



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