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                      Chinese Crested 
Chinese Crested Profile

Other Names: Chinese Hairless, Chinese Edible Dog, Chinese Ship Dog, Chinese Royal Hairless.

Country of origin: China/Africa

Dog Group Kennel Club: Toy

General appearance:

There are two very different varieties of the Chinese Crested, one is Powderpuff having a long coat, the other is Hairless having long hair on the feet, tail and head. The Powderpuff does need extensive grooming, however the Hairless requires minimal hair care. The Chinese Crested is a fine-boned, elegant and graceful dog who makes a loving companion, playful and entertaining. A small, active and graceful dog; medium- to fine-boned, smooth hairless body, with hair on feet, head and tail only; or covered with a soft veil of hair. The head is wedge-shaped viewed from above and the side. Stop Slight but distinct. Muzzle Cheeks taper cleanly into the muzzle. Nose Dark in dark-colored dogs; may be lighter in lighter-colored dogs. Pigment is solid.Neck is lean and clean, slightly arched from the withers to the base of the skull and carried high. Topline Level to slightly sloping croup. Body Brisket extends to the elbow. Breastbone is not prominent. Ribs are well developed. The depth of the chest tapers to a moderate tuck-up at the flanks. Light in loin. Tail Tail is slender and tapers to a curve. It is long enough to reach the hock. When dog is in motion, the tail is carried gaily and may be carried slightly forward over the back. At rest the tail is down with a slight curve upward at the end resembling a sickle. In the Hairless variety, two-thirds of the end of the tail is covered by long, flowing feathering referred to as a plume. The Powderpuff variety's tail is completely covered with hair.


Powderpuff Chinese Crested


Colours: Chinese Cresteds can be any color or combination of colors. The hairless have skin that is often pink and dark grey with spots.


Bitch   23cm (9") - 33cm (13")

Dog     28cm (11") - 33cm (13")


Bitch   2kg (5lbs) - 5kg (12lbs)

Dog     2kg (5lbs) -  6kg (14lbs)


A devoted family member, the Chinese Crested is gentle and playful. It does exceptionally well with children and other animals and is a well-adjusted breed. Very alert, highly intelligent, this dog is also prone to timidity and should be socialized both during puppy and adulthood. They are not aggressive, but some do not like to be handled excessively. They are known for their grasping paws, able to hold onto toys, good and even to hug a human. Chinese Cresteds outward appearance certainly deceives their inner heart.

Movement: Long, flowing and elegant with good reach and plenty of drive

Care and training:

Weekly grooming of the Powderpuff Chinese Cresteds. Hairless Chinese Cresteds needs only skin massaged regularly with cream. They may become sticky and dirty in hot weather as they perspire. Hairless Chinese Cresteds Should also not be left in bright sunlight because their skin may burn. Using a sunscreen will protect this breed's sensitive skin from sunburn.  Hairless must be kept warm, especially during winter months. This breed sheds little to no hair.

Being a very intelligent breed, this dog does well in obedience type sports. Consistency is a must, however this breed can be relatively sensitive and should have a gentle trainer. The Chinese Crested is great at performing tricks. Regular play sessions would be sufficient for this breed.

Overall Exercise: 20-30 minutes
The chinese Crested does not require a high level of exercise. They enjoy a daily walk, indoor play sessions, or a romp and run in a secured small yard. The Chinese Crested loves to be social, so a play date at the park is always welcomed.

Feeding requirements: No special feeding requirements, but don't over feed this dog as they can become obese if given the chance. they should not be given bones to chew with out supervision as they often have an incomplete set of teeth.

Exercise: Med 

Grooming: Low 

Noise: Med

Compatibility With Other Animals: Med

Suitablity for Children: Med

Often docked? No

Average litter: 2 - 4

Life expectancy (yrs): 10 -14

History: The breed is actually thought to have originated in Africa, from the African hairless dogs that live there. They are thought to have been bred with these, as well as other hairless dogs to create the breed. From there, they were brought to China by traders, and kept on boats as ratters. Chinese Cresteds have been in China since the thirteenth century, often the hairless ones picked to board ships because they were thought to be without fleas. During the reign of the Han Dynasty, there were two distinct species of the breed. One was a "treasure house guardian", while the other was a heavier built hunter used for, well, hunting. When the hunters didn't bring home the food, they themselves became the main ingredient. Many of this breed have been used for food, which goes along with the Chinese communist creed, "Chinese Crested in every pot." From there they found their way into Europe and South America through the trade routes on Chinese sailing ships. Some sources state that the Chinese Crested resulted from the mating of the Mexican Hairless Dog with a Chihuahua, while other sources point to the exact opposite occurrence: Chihuahuas may have come from Chinese Cresteds. As one can see, the Crested's history is veiled with the word "probably", as much of their history is not concrete.


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