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                        Bearded Collie

Bearded Collie profile

Other Names:  Beardie

Country of Origin: Scotland

Dog Group Kennel Club:  Pastoral

General Appearance:

Bearded Collies are lively, active dogs with a lean appearance.  They have a double coat with flat, strong, shaggy outer coats and soft furry under coats. These dogs were originally bred to herd stock but, today, are more likely to seen in a family environment. From their cheeks, lower lips and under their chins, their coats increase in length towards their chests giving them their typical beards! The nose is large and should be in tone with the coat colour, lighter or darker depending on the colour of the coat. The neck should be slightly arched and lead into well laid back shoulders. Bearded Collies coats change in colour as they mature. When the puppies are born they tend to be black, brown, blue, or fawn, this will then fade, once they reach maturity they darken again.


A variety of colours are acceptable including all shades of grey, brown and sandy as well as reddish fawn, black and blue. Some white markings are also acceptable.


Bitch              51-53cms

Dog                53-56 cms

Measured to the withers


                                Min               Max
Bitch              18kg (40lbs) 28kg (62lbs) 

Dog                18kg (40lbs) 28kg (62lbs)


Bearded Collies are known to be intelligent and lively working dogs but do not, in general, have aggressive or nervous tendencies. They thrive on family fun so are good with children and family pets.They are easy going aswell as being bold, they do not like to be left alone for long periods of time as they bore easily. They are not known to bark but may bark to the arrival of visitors to show they are excited or that they are bored. Their herding instinct is very high so whilest in the home may try to herd menbers of the family into one room,or whilest on a walk they may herd other dogs and animals.


Bearded Collies have a long reaching and athletic gait that is smooth and covers ground easily.

Care and Training:

Bearded Collies need alot of grooming a thorough brushing once a week is ok but daily brushing would make the job easier. When brushing a beardie a spray conditioner will help with the detangling of their long coat. You need to brush all layers of their coat so you may need to get under the top coat get at the under coat , matted notts will form if this is not done correctly.
A Professional clipping can also be done every few months.

Beardies are eger to learn and love to be around people. This breed is highly trainable for various activities. Obedience training is a must as they have a tendency to be headstrong.
They excel in tracking, agility, herding, performing tricks, and competitive obedience.
They respond best to firm, fair, consistent, and loving methods of training.

Overall Exercise:  60 - 80 minutes per day.
This breed need plenty on exercise also to play games in family activity such as football or frisby.

Feeding Requirements:

This is a fast growing breed so good nutrition during the puppy months is important.
It is important to not overfeed as this can cause bone deformities.

Exercise: High

Grooming: High

Noise: High

Personal Protection: Medium

Suitability As Guard Dog: Medium

Level of Aggression: Medium

Compatibility With Other Animals: Medium

Suitablity for Children: High

Often Docked? No

Average Litter size: 6

Life Expectacy (yrs)14

History:  It is believed that in 1514 a Polish Merchant bought six Polish Lowland Sheepdogs in Scotland to herd his sheep, and a man from Scotland was so impressed with the Sheepdogs (also known as Polski Owczarek Nizinny dog from Poland) that he traded some of them for a few of his sheep. The Bearded Collie was developed from the The Polish dogs were mixed with Highland Collies, the native dogs of Scotland, which became known as the Bearded Collie. In the 1940s the breed almost went extinct, but thanks to Mrs. G. Olive Willison and her search for a mate for her female Bearded Collie Jeannie, a litter was produced and thus served to rebuild the Bearded Collie population again. Used as a working companion they would drive cattle and sheep to the market.


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