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Beagle profile

Country of Origin: Great Britain

Dog Group Kennel Club:  Hound

General Appearance:

Beagles have a sturdy and compact appearance and are part of the hound group. They have a kind expression and are compact and athletic. They are known for their ability to hunt and track.
Due to their breeding, they love exercise and being around people. They also have short, weatherproof coats, making grooming relatively easy.

Any recognised hound colour except for liver.


Bitch            33cm - 40cm  

Dog               33cm - 40cm


                              Min                 Max
Bitch            8kg (18lbs) 14kg (31lbs) 
Dog               8kg (18lbs) 14kg (31lbs)


In general, Beagles have a good temperament and are bold, alert and intelligent. They are loyal and do not show aggression, but they can get distracted by smells when training and walking.
Due to the fact that they are pack animals, they can suffer with separation anxiety. Beagles love children and are ok around other dogs but they will need to be exposed to cats at an early age in order to develop good relationships with felines. They can be good guard dogs as they map out there territory,  they will check this area and will be aware if something is different and will give voice to alert.


Firm, strong and long reaching

Care and Training:

Beagles are easy to groom as they are moderate shedders, so brushing will remove the dead hair, and bathing is just as easy as you can give them a wipe down with a damp cloth. Tooth paste may be required regulary as they have a tendancy to eat foul matter. Ears need to be kept clean as they are prone to infection.

Overall Exercise:  60 - 80 minutes per day
The Beagle is fairly active and loves long and vigorous walks but should be kept on a lead until they are fully trained to return to the owners command because of their hunting instinct. Beagles are best at a home with a yard, fenced or with a wall of 6 ft as when something catches their interest they are bound to run off.

Feeding Requirements:

This breed is not particularly fussy eaters so can be fed normal dog food (tinned or dried) once or twice daily, amounts that are being fed should be watched as they can become over weight easily.

Exercise: Med

Grooming: Low

Noise: Med

Personal Protection: Low

Suitability As Guard Dog: Medium

Level of Aggression: Low

Compatibility With Other Animals: Low

Suitablity for Children: High

often docked? No

Average litter size: 6

Life Expectancy (yrs) 14

 History:  The Beagle has existed in Britain at least since the reign of Edward III. It is said that Edward III used a pack of 120 of them on the battlefield during the One Hundred Years' War. The name Beagle may come from the Old English or Welsh word for "small" being "beag", or the French word for "open throat" or more idiomatically, "loudmouth", "begueule." During the Renaissance they were used to hunt hares and wild rabbits in Wales and France, and have also been used to hunt wild pig and even deer in Scandinavia, as well as cottontail rabbit in the United States. In both Canada and the U.S. the Beagle was used as a gundog to both seek out and retrieve. Beagles were known as the best hare dog among small hounds. They are small-medium sized dogs today, but during the reign of King Henry VIII, were said to be so small they could fit in your pocket. Beagles in their day were allegedly about 8 or 9 inches tall. This coined the name "Pocket Beagles", in which King Henry VIII's daughter Elizabeth I owned many. These "Pocket Beagles" are allegedly extinct, although some claim they crop up in litters once in a while.


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