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After payment, get a link to download:: you can view the lesson on kompyutare or download it on DVD.
link to download windows media (mwn), mp2, 4, or in other programs on request
You can order a DVD video lesson and get it in the mail.

VIDEO LESSONS Dog Grooming on DVD:

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You are tired of paying hard-earned money for the service zoosalone? You want to get a second profession and to become independent? Now you can learn how to become a professional Grumer and save big money.
Now, to learn a profession or just Grumer professionally mow your pet, you do not need expensive graduate courses, spend time and hundreds of dollars.

Video courses allow you to easily, simply and comfortably get the necessary knowledge.
35-40 minutes of each lesson includes a full course of grooming each dog breed, open up trade secrets, which can not be obtained in conventional courses, tips on care and proper maintenance of your pet.

You will receive the necessary knowledge to become a professional Grumer and work inside the animal or become an independent mobile Grumer and work only for themselves. . You can earn good money and feel independently.

Turnover pet industry in the world reached $ 34 billion a year, earning good Grumer reaches 2,000 doollarov a month! Let us help you become a part of it!
Start your own profitable business with minimal investment!
Purchase any video lesson and start learning.

Each video lesson prepared by professional Grumer It contains the necessary knowledge to cut and care for each breed of dog.
To maximize the knowledge get some lessons on the most popular breeds and go to practice.
We will give you a link to download the lesson in online mode and you can go to training immediately!

You can watch videos on your server 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, or download your disk or computer. 

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