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Dear customers!

Our salon offers a new service-SIMULATION AND DYEING WOOL.
This procedure has been highly successful in the United States of America, in Europe and has recently become very popular in China, and now in Russia.


Kolorirovnie or dyeing wool (WOOL DYEING, PAINTING, TRAFARENTNYH APPLICATION DRAWINGS FOR HAIR DOG, modeling) in our salon is absolutely harmless to your dog. We use only specially designed for this purpose environmentally safe cosmetics manufactured in the USA and Europe, as well as dyes on natural basis. You can order a painting dog that will keep a couple of months or just to pamper yourself and your pet a fun kind of short term (before the first bath).
Staining of dogs and cats in various colors to win the masses of fans around the world and in our country who want to see your dog in an unusual and creative and kind.



When ordering services COLOURING HAIR DOG or modeling, we gladly provide catalog of options, discuss in detail all the nuances.
Please note that this exclusive service is fairly expensive and the price is calculated individually based on dog breed, area of coverage, difficulty of execution.



 Our salon is pleased to offer you this service! 



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